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Welcome to Roll For Your Life!
Welcome to Roll For Your Life (RFYL)

We are a perma-death guild on the Orien server with players from both Europe and America.

The goal of RFYL:
To enhance the excitement and challenge of Dungeons and Dragons Online, to bring you closer to the D&D pen and paper experience as well as create a guild of close-knit adventurers with a similar mindset.

We reach this goal by following the Players Handbook of the guild, which contains a set of rules that we enforce upon every member and officer of the guild. 
The rules should remain simple and resemble pen and paper as much as possible.

First time on the site?
We are looking for new European and American adventurers to join us. If you are interested in joining our fine group of adventurers head over to the Players Handbook and have a look at our rules!

Go hard or go home.

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